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Destination Texas: Skyspace and Moody Center for the Arts exhibits

HOUSTON, Texas (KIAH) – Rice University has over 30 works of public art. Everything from light shows to sculptures.

Every morning and evening, the school has a free light show open to the public. It’s called the “Twilight Epiphany Skyspace”.

“I think the most exciting thing about the “Skyspace” is the opportunity to experience an immersive work of light. It’s an unusual phenomenon and one you can’t find elsewhere,” said Allison Weaver, Executive Director of Moody Center for the Arts.

Although Houston is nicknamed “Space City” and this unique piece of art has been around for nearly 10 years, many Houstonians still don’t know that it even exists.

“It also speaks to the environment. The big Texas sky and the way in which the sky changes at sunrise and sunset. And we’re invited to observe those changes together with the light of the artist,” said Weaver.

Weaver says the “Skyspace” is a 40 minute light show. It’s activated by a digital light sequence created by artist James Turrell.

“I think what’s most unique about it is that life itself is the material of the artwork. I think that’s a really unique concept and one that we’re really fortunate to be able to experience here in Houston,” said Weaver.

The Skyspace lights are shown every morning before sunrise and at night just before sunset. Art exhibits at the Moody Center can change at least once a quarter.

In addition to checking out the Skyspace lights, you can also visit Moody Center and check out dozens of art sculptures.

“Artists here in the Moody they’re really interested in engaging with the Houston public. So they often think ‘how will visitors engage with the work. How will visitors interact with these mounds both inside and outside the building,” said Weaver.

If you need help figuring out where to start your tour, you can download the “Rice Public Art” app.

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