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How do I confirm my Charter? 


Full Addresses



(Point of Contact)



Hotel (If Applicable)



Signed service plan


Enjoy your Trip!

While this seems obvious, this is one of the most important things for the driver to have. Knowing exactly where that bus needs to be for pickup. 

Commonly referred to as a P.O.C., this onboard contact number is used to connect the group and the motorcoach operator for pickup to ensure everything is on time. 

For overnight or over-the-road services, Clark Travel will require a full agenda for the service to be provided, to ensure that DOT HOS are compliant with state and federal laws.


In addition, should the group (booking party) be responsible for the driver's hotel room, please supply that information to your salesperson. 

Finally, ensure your charter is paid for, has a Purchase Order number (district services) or agreements have been made with Clark Travel. 

Return a signed "Acceptance" page provided with the confirmed/verified information. 

With all of these steps completed, your charter service is verified, and ready to Roll! 

After receiving your Charter ID and submitting your deposit, a representative from our offices will reach out to collect some additional information for our drivers. 

Below, is some of the information that will help the driver understand their trip.

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