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9 Charming Towns To Visit In East Texas This Fall

Contrary to popular belief, Texas does have lovely fall foliage, but you’ll have to wait later in the year to see it. When fall does arrive — usually in late October — it’s a beaut, and East Texas is where you’ll see rich autumn colors of yellow, orange, red, brown, and green from maple, oak, dogwood, and many other trees.

Many towns in the area are getting prepared for their fall festivals, fall foliage driving trails are getting their manicure from Mother Nature, and travelers who want to experience East Texas’s rolling hills, forests of green, and cooler temperatures are making plans to visit. So get ready to plan a day trip, or better yet, an autumn getaway in this neck of the (piney) woods.

I’ve listed the best scenic towns in no particular order for a charming fall visit complete with fall foliage, scenic drives, and family fun. To me, fall is the most enjoyable time to visit Texas.

Pro Tips: If you’re coming to East Texas just to see fall colors, plan your visit in late October. In some areas, fall foliage can last until early December. But if you’re coming for the festivals, be sure to check the dates. Some can even be in September.

When you do find yourself in East Texas during fall, be sure to meander through the back roads as much as possible for the most picturesque backdrops of what fall has to offer in this area of Texas.

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