Wedding Transportation

First off, let us start by saying congratulations and how happy we are to have you on our site. Texas boasts some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world and there isn’t a more magical place to hold hands and say “I do” to the one you love. It’s that magic that makes us passionate about what we do here at Clark Travel. Austin wedding transportation for us isn’t just moving your group from point A to B; it’s an experience and an extension of that beautiful ambiance that only Clark Travel can deliver.

You can look all around and find decent wedding transportation, but what we provide is something more. When you step into our vehicles, you are taken to a magical place. We create a feeling of nostalgia and happiness that can be seen and felt in every person who uses our service. You and your guests will feel the pride we take in our buses and mini coaches because we care for them in a way that can only be born from a labor of love.


Dressed to impress, the radio on and your closest friends beside you, we give you what you want – the ride of your life.